1:22 pm - Thursday April 24, 2014

Bigg Boss 7 Vote Now


You Can decide to who stays or leaves! Vote to save your favorite Participant.


Bigg Boss 7 (BB 7) Vote Now SMS code details, vote online www.colors.in.com/in

Colors’ Bigg Boss 7 (BB 7) has made several voting options: SMS and online voting options for audiences to Vote to save your favorite Participant and save them from eliminations.

Bigg Boss 7 (BB 7) contestant online voting details:

Audiences can vote for their favorite BB 7 contestant by voting online from the Colors website (http://colors.in.com/in) or direct link http://colors.in.com/in/biggboss/voting.php#nav


Bigg Boss 7 (BB 7) contestant SMS CODE, How to vote details:

Audiences can also vote for their favorite BB 7 contestant by using the appropriate SMS CODE and sending to 56882.

Bigg Boss 7 (BB 7) contestant TANISHAA MUKHERJI‘s voting SMS CODE: TAN to 56882.

Bigg Boss 7 (BB 7) contestant VJ ANDY‘s voting SMS CODE: AND to 56882.

Bigg Boss 7 (BB 7) contestant ANITA ADVANI‘s voting SMS CODE: ANI to 56882.

Bigg Boss 7 (BB 7) contestant GAUHAR KHAN‘s voting SMS CODE: GAU to 56882.

Bigg Boss 7 (BB 7) contestant RAJAT RAWAIL‘s voting SMS CODE: RAJ to 56882.

Bigg Boss 7 (BB 7) contestant SANGRAM SINGH‘s voting SMS CODE: SAN to 56882.

Bigg Boss 7 (BB 7) contestant SHILPA AGNIHOTRI‘s voting SMS CODE: SHI to 56882.

Bigg Boss 7 (BB 7) contestant APURVA AGNIHOTRI‘s voting SMS CODE: APU to 56882.

Bigg Boss 7 (BB 7) contestant ARMAAN KOHLI‘s voting SMS CODE: ARM to 56882.

Bigg Boss 7 (BB 7) contestant ELLI AVRAM‘s voting SMS CODE: ELL to 56882.

Bigg Boss 7 (BB 7) contestant HAZEL KEECH‘s voting SMS CODE: HAZ to 56882.

Bigg Boss 7 (BB 7) contestant KAMYA PUNJABI‘s voting SMS CODE: KAM to 56882.

Bigg Boss 7 (BB 7) contestant KUSHAL TANDON‘s voting SMS CODE: KUS to 56882.

Bigg Boss 7 (BB 7) contestant PRATYUSHA BANERJEE‘s voting SMS CODE: PRA to 56882.

Bigg Boss 7 (BB 7) contestant RATAN RAJPOOT‘s voting SMS CODE: RAT to 56882.

Bigg Boss 7 (BB 7) contestant Ajaz Khan‘s voting SMS CODE: AJA to 56882.

Bigg Boss 7 (BB 7) contestant Sofia Hayat‘s voting SMS CODE: SOF to 56882.


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